Buckwheat bread

Buckwheat bread with omega-3 and dietary fibers enhanced with extra-virgin olive oil.

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TYPE: Regular mix (100% mix)

USE: Buckwheat bread enriched with omega-3 and dietary fibers.

INGREDIENTS: Wheat flour 00, Whole buckwheat flour, Whole wheat flour, Flaxseeds,   Sunflower seeds, Olive oil, Oat flour, Salt, Vegetable fiber, Malted cereal   flour, Dextrose, Flour treatment agent: Ascorbic acid, α-Amylase.

YIELD: ca. 14 kg/28 lb finished product

PACKAGING: EU: 10 kg bag - US: 20 lb bag

PALLET SIZE: 50 bags

SHELF LIFE: 9 months

STORAGE: Keep in a cool, dry place